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OzPix Discount Roof Restoration is a modern group of experienced, highly-qualified roofing specialists. If you need modern roof restoration in Sydney or any of the surrounding suburbs, we’re the best choice in the area.

With more than 25 years of experience, you can trust our family business to take great care of your roof in Sydney, and provide you with the modern roof restoration you need to keep your home or business looking great.

Our Modern Roof Restoration Services

We offer a wide variety of modern roof restoration services in Sydney and the surrounding areas. A few of our services include:

  • Inspections – A complete roof inspection is the best way to identify broken tile, a damaged roof, and other issues that may require roof repairs. We can track down the source of leaks, examine your roof, and provide you with a comprehensive report on the health of your tile roof.
  • Ridge capping – We can repoint and rebed loose ridge caps that require rebedding, and join loose tiles together to prevent them from leaking, becoming dislodged, and causing further issues with your roof.
  • Roof cleaning & maintenance – We use high-pressure washing and a hot water system to clean away dirt, grime, algae and more from your roof. In addition, we can remove leaves and other debris from your gutters and your roof tiles. This helps restore the beauty of your roof, and prevents common issues like clogged gutters and dislodged tiles.
  • Broken tile replacement – We can identify broken tiles, replace them with new tiles that match your current roof, rebed tiles, and take other steps to repair and replace cracked, broken, and loose tiles. By doing so, we can prolong the lifespan of your roof dramatically, prevent water damage, and restore the natural beauty of your home.
  • Roof painting, glazing & waterproofing – We offer roof paint and glazing services to seal your tiles, restore the natural colour of your roof, and waterproof your home to prevent damage.

We Restore All Types Of Tile Roofs In Sydney

  • Cement tile – Cement tiles can last up to 40 years or longer with proper care. Due to their combination of durability and relatively low cost, they are a great modern roof material. We specialize in maintaining and restoring cement tile roofs.
  • Terracotta tile – Terracotta tiles are made of clay, and have a unique reddish appearance. They can last between 50-100 years with proper care. Our team members have years of experience with this unique roofing material.
  • Slate tile – Natural slate tile can easily last 100+ years, but it is very costly and heavy, so many roofing companies in Australia do not have the skills necessary to work with this material. That’s not true of OzPix, however – we have a team of slate specialists ready to help you restore your natural slate roof.

That’s not all, either. We are also metal roof specialists in Sydney. If you need a tile or metal roof restoration in Sydney, we’re only a phone call away – so consider giving us a ring now to get your project off the ground.

Contact Us Now For Your Modern Roof Restoration In Sydney!

Restoring your roof can be a lengthy, expensive project – so you need to trust a company that’s proven that they’ll do a great job. OzPix Discount Roof Restoration is the best option in Sydney – so don’t wait. Contact us online now or give us a call at 0412 991 527 to get started.