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Benefits of Installing a Whirlybird in Your Home

The heat from the sunlight falling on your roof remains trapped within the roof. Without a proper channel to move out, the hot air circulates within the home leading to improper ventilation indoors. From damaging roofs to causing health problems, inefficient ventilation can lead to numerous problems.

Whirlybirds prevent such worse situations by removing hot air trapped inside a house. Oz-Pix Discount Roof Restore is a whirlybird installation Sydney  company with over 25 years of experience.

Our whirlybird installation service comes with a no-conditions-attached 15-year warranty and is available throughout Sydney. A leading name in whirlybird installation Sydney wide, we use only high-quality products made in Australia and employ only qualified tradesman, to ensure an expert job that lasts for years.

Enjoy Cooler Indoors in Summers

In summers, heat trapped in ceilings finds no means to escape without proper ventilation. As a result, it travels downward into the rooms, increasing the temperature inside the house.

A whirlybird provides an escape route for hot air to move out through the roof. The design of a whirlybird comprises several fin-shaped elements fitted to a cylindrical dome. Powered by wind, these fins move rapidly, which creates a vacuum within the whirlybird. This vacuum sucks in the hot air and expels it outside.

With hot air out, indoors are cooler during summer.

Whirlybird Installation Sydney | OzPix Discount Roof RestorationStay Warmer in Winters

In winters, damp air entering the building through the roof, adds to the coolness in already cooler interiors. Even if you have a ceiling insulation installed, the moisture in the damp air condenses and settles on the insulation device, which makes the device damp and reduces its heating efficiency.

A whirly bird that is installed correctly creates warmer indoors by keeping cold air out.

Enjoy Substantial Savings on your Utility Bills

Increase in temperature indoors during summers increases use of air conditioners, leading to high energy bills. Similarly, in winters, insulation devices need to work harder to heat up the room.

By keeping hot and cold air out, whirlybirds offer an affordable means to keep your indoors cooler or warmer, according to the season, and prevent skyrocketing of energy bills.

Extend the Life of Your Roof and Wall

Moisture from the damp air during winters can get absorbed by shingles and roof decks. This results in deformation and reduced life of these components. The moisture can also be carried through walls, which leads to peeling and cracking of paint.

With a whirlybird, such roof damages can be prevented.

Create Healthier Indoors

Moisture from damp air settling on walls can lead to mould growth. Mould can cause a range of health problems, including respiratory issues, asthma attacks, skin rashes, coughing, sneezing, red eyes and runny nose.

By enabling efficient roof ventilation, whirlybirds prevent moisture accumulation and mould growth and create healthier indoors.

Whirlybirds offer excellent ventilation without any side effects. They are compatible with all roof types. Given their benefits, whirlybirds are a smart investment.

OzPix Discount Roof Restoration Sydney makes the whirlybird even more attractive with its affordable pricing and flexible interest-free payment options. There is no deposit required. You pay only after you are satisfied with the job.

Get your Whirlybirds roof ventilation installation now. Call our roofing experts at 0412 991 527 today for enquiries or free quote.

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