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Tile Roofing Sydney

Are you looking for professional tile roofing service in Sydney? Look no further. For OzPix Discount Roofing has you covered. We supply and install all types of tile roofing materials in Sydney including terracotta, slate and concrete tiles. Whether you are looking for roof installation, repair or roof restoration, we are happy to assist.

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Concrete Tiles

OzPix Discount Roofing Repairs Sydney Tile Roofing SydneyConcrete tiles can tackle harsh weather conditions with ease. What’s more, concrete tiles can be customised to suit your requirements. They last for years and are highly sturdy. Over time, you might notice some fading, discolouration or cracking, but that’s normal. If you already have concrete tiles, we can repair, restore, repaint and even replace concrete tiles. For high quality concrete tile roofing in Sydney, contact OzPix Discount Roofing.

Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta literally means baked earth in Italian. Terracotta tiles have been used on roofs for hundreds of years. They are non combustible, eco friendly and render a classy touch to any property. Although they may crack, fade or discolour over time, they are far more durable when compared to concrete tiles. At OzPix Discount Roofing, we supply and install terracotta tiles in a wide range of finishes.

Slate Tiles

Slate tiles are another popular tile roofing option in Sydney. We supply reclaimed slate tiles in a wide range of colours and finishes. Our technicians will then install them to perfection to bring your roof to life.

High Quality Tile Roofing Products

The quality of your roof makes all the difference. In addition to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home, high quality roof tiles help increase the value to your property. If you are looking for the best roof in Sydney, then contact OzPix Discount Roofing Repairs Sydney today. Call 0412 991 527 now.