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Leaking Roof Repairs Sydney

Is your roof leaking all of a sudden? Perhaps you’ve noticed a leak for quite some time? Do you want a permanent fix for your leaky roof? If you are looking for a reliable leaking roof repairs service in Sydney, look no further. Here at OzPix Discount Roofing, we specialise in roof leak repairs.

In your search for a leaking roof repairs professional in Sydney, you may come across several different roofers. So how do you choose the best roof repair service?

Choosing a Reliable Leaking Roof Repairs Service in Sydney

OzPix Leaking Roof Repairs SydneyA genuine roof repairer will take the time to diagnose your roof problem. The technician will climb the roof to find the problem himself. He will provide an estimate for the service provided and explain all the work he’ll do.

At OzPix Discount Roofing, our roof repairer technicians know what they’re talking about and are genuinely interested in helping you. We will explain in simple English what’s wrong with the roof and the solution.

We provide a free roof inspection and quote to fix your leaky roof. Unlike big companies who are rarely interested in fixing leaky roofs, we aim to provide a genuine, lasting and high quality solution for all kinds of roof leaks.

Get in touch with us today for a free inspection.

Reasons Why Roofs Leak

Your roof may catch a leak for any of the following reasons:

Roof damage – If there’s damage to your roof either due to a hailstorm, harsh rainfall or purely because of wear and tear, your roof will start leaking.

Overflow – Corrugated roofs and low pitched tile roofs may leak around the laps. Some gutter designs are subject to overflowing.

Bad Design – If your roofer didn’t design your roof appropriately, and does not install flashings where necessary especially near the roof perimeter, there’s a high chance of a leak.

Get in touch with the roof leak repair specialists at OzPix Discount Roofing Repairs Sydney today. Call 0412 991 527.