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If you are in search of high quality metal roofing in Sydney, look no further than Oz-Pix Discount Roof Restore. We are a competitively priced roofing service with over 25 years of experience in the industry.

Our roof services include roof repairs, roof restoration, gutter and roof cleaning, roof painting, glazing, re-bedding and roof pointing. Our roof specialists work across Sydney including the Western Suburbs.

Whether you are installing a new roof on your new property or looking to update an existing roof, a metal roof is a wonderful choice. Here are some reasons why.

A Long-Lasting Roof that Saves you Money

When installed by an expert roofing service, metal roofs settle well on your property and can give you over 50 years of service.

Harsh weather conditions such as strong winds and high temperatures can damage roofs made of materials such as asphalt. Such damage can necessitate early replacement, which can prove very expensive.

Metal roofs, on the contrary, are built to withstand adverse weather conditions. They exhibit excellent resistance to heavy winds and scorching temperatures. Damages are greatly reduced with an intact metal roof in place.

Metal roofs stay intact for years!

A Wide Range of Options to Choose From

Metal roofs are available in a wide array of designs, colours, materials and finishes. This means that you can achieve the perfect look you desire.

In fact, with metal roofing, you can reproduce the look of asphalt shingles, slate and clay tiles. This way, you’ll have the desired style with the wonderful advantages of metal.

Whether you want a traditional look that blends beautifully with the rest of your home and the neighbourhood, or a contemporary bold look that sets you apart, you’ll have your wish fulfilled with metal roofing.

Excellent and Enduring Protection

Metal roofs are not vulnerable to cracks, rotting, rusting and warping. They protect your property from damages and keep you safe.

Metal roofing is the best choice if you live in an area prone to wildfires. Non-metallic roofs can be hazardous as flying embers can get stuck in between shingles. This can cause the fire to spread, especially if the roof consists of combustible materials.

High-quality metal roofs carry a superior fire-resistant rating, which offers excellent protection against fire and keeps you extremely safe. Metal is non-combustible, which prevents the fire from spreading.

Heavy winds can tear the roof panels away, which can bring the rainwater indoors. Metal roofs, with their large interlocking panels, rest firm and intact in their place even during heavy winds, thereby preventing water from seeping into your property.

Better Atmosphere Indoors

Metal panels are known to reflect heat. When sunlight falls on these panels, it is reflected away. This ensures that your space does not heat up and helps in maintaining an even temperature at all times.

This type of regulated ambience keeps the indoors relatively cooler in the summer. This would help bring down the need for turning on the air-conditioners, which in turn, helps keep the energy bills low.

Great Returns on Investment

Metal roofs may cost more than other types of roof. However, if you calculate in terms of long-term maintenance, you’ll discover that these roofs offer the best value on your investment.

With a metal roof, you won’t have to pay for frequent repairs or have your roof replaced after every hailstorm.

Oz-Pix Discount Roof Restore is one of the most reliable metal roofing contractors in Sydney. Our metal roofs comply with Australian standards strictly. They give you the best roofing protection and value for money.

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