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Whirlybird Penrith

A whirlybird is a highly cost-effective way to beat the Aussie summer heat. Oz-Pix-Discount Roof Restore are roofing specialists and we are at your service for all your roofing needs. Get in touch with us at Penrith for whirlybirds that will provide top quality roof ventilation and a highly effective roofing solution for your home.

At Oz-Pix-Discount Roof Restore, we don’t just deal in whirlybirds, we are roofing specialists with years of experience. Get your whirlybirds from us in Penrith and experience the benefits of living in a comfortable environment.

What are Whirlybirds and How Do They Work?

Whirlybirds are roofing devices that keep your home cool by radiating heat. These mechanical devices expel warm air that builds up due to the heat trapped between the ceiling and the roof surface.

In the absence of a whirlybird, warm air penetrates into the home and rooms making the air dry and humid. Whirlybirds help restore and regulate the room temperature. They constantly circulate air and keep the environment fresh and cool.

Inappropriate or insufficient roofing ventilation can contribute to a lot of problems including the collection of mould and mildew from moisture laden-air. Whirlybirds help a great deal in effectively preventing problems associated with humid air.

Whirlybirds are made of light weight, galvanised aluminium. They are powered by a turbine or wind-driven. A whirlybird that depends on the wind instead of a turbine is called a passive whirlybird. A turbine whirlybird, also known as an active whirlybird, works in the same manner.

Whirlybirds have fins that work with the constant movement of the turbine or the wind. They suck in the heat from the inside of the home and show it out. A turbine whirlybird is a better option than a wind driven whirlybird, which depends on the wind.

Here’s a look at some of the benefits of installing a whirlybird in your home.

Regulates Temperature

When you want your home to stay cool throughout the summer, a whirlybird is a great solution. You won’t have to worry about sweaty summers once you install a whirlybird. Instead, you can look forward to a cool season in the comfort of your home.

Cost Effective

Whirlybirds are not really expensive, and the benefits they offer far outweigh the cost. Whirlybirds are maintenance free; they lower your energy consumption and reduce your electricity bills.

Easy Installation

Installation of whirlybirds is super easy. However, if you do need help, our roofing experts will examine your home, suggest the best place to install a whirlybird and get things done for you.

Noise Free

Whirlybirds operate quietly, are effective in maintaining your home temperature and are an inexpensive way of improving the ventilation in your home.

Contact Oz-Pix Discount Roof Restoration today for more about our whirlybird installation services.