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Why Restore Your Roof?

A roof protects your home and its occupants from severe weather conditions, and sometimes even from bushfires, enabling you to experience safer indoors throughout the year. Exposure to different extreme external factors makes the roof vulnerable to a range of conditions, including discolouration, damage, and structural wear and tear.

With 25 years of experience as expert roof tilers Sydney wide, Oz-Pix Discount Roof offers reliable and affordable roof restoration. As specialist roof tilers in Sydney, we offer a range of roofing restoration solutions, including roof cleaning, fixing damaged tiles, ridge cap repointing, glazing, guttering, re-bedding, metal roofing and lead flashing.

As a leading roof tilers Sydney service, we employ latest equipment and practices to ensure a highly durable and efficient roof restoration job. Our roofing solutions come with an unconditional 15-year warranty!

So why should you restore your roof? Let’s take a look.

Achieve Improved Roof Performance

With expert roof restoration, your roof will be ready to take on the harshest climate, and other damaging external factors, so that you are better protected. Gutters too need cleaning as dried leaves and twigs can accumulate and block water flow. Stagnant gutter water can seep into your home through roofing cracks and weaken the structure over time.

Timely restoration takes care of gutter maintenance, roof colour fading, tile damages, and all other roofing issues, saving you expensive repair in future. A reliable restoration service protects the structural strength of your roof, and thus your home and its occupants.

Improve the Market Value and Visual Appeal of Your Property

A damaged roof or an overflowing gutter does not look impressive on a property, especially if you are planning a sale. Developers, realtors and buyers will be keen on examining the efficiency of your roofing and guttering systems. Weak roofs and gutters can diminish the sale value of your property significantly.

With proper restoration, you can have your roof and gutters looking good and performing well for a long time.

When you hire Oz-Pix Discount Roof Restore for a roof painting job, for example, you get a glossy and efficient roof that stays that way for a long time. We use advanced elements such as self-cleaning paint and 100% waterproof membrane to retain a new-looking roof for several years.

Reduce your Energy Bills

A damaged roof easily lets in air from outside, and vice-versa. This movement of air can add to the heat during summers and coldness during winters.

With an intact roof, air circulation is more regularised, which means you’ll not have to use the air conditioner more during summers, and the heater more during winters.

A roof restoration is simply worth the investment. With OzPix Discount Roof Restoration Sydney, you get interest-free payment options too. Call us at 0412 991 527 for enquiries.