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Roof Replacement Sydney

The roof of your house is definitely one of your most important investments. After all, the roof protects you from natural elements and also adds to the aesthetic value of your property. So if your roof is in bad shape, it’s time for you to contact a roof replacement service in Sydney to get it replaced.

Look for the Right Contractor

When going for roof replacement in Sydney, do not hire the first contractor you come across. Replacing an old roof is costly and you need to be sure about where you are investing your money.

Shop around and ask for references from neighbours, friends, family, and colleagues. Try to get a first-hand look at a few jobs done before finalising your roof replacement company in Sydney.

Once you have shortlisted a few, ask for all credentials, documents, licenses, and insurance. Check for experience and go through the different type of work they have done to understand their expertise.

Understand the Basics

Many roofers would advise you to strip away the entire roof. However, do know that you can have up to two layers of shingles on the roof. So if your present roof has only one layer and that is in a bad shape, you can just add a new layer on top in order to save money.

But stripping away the entire roof allows the roofer to inspect the framework beneath and repair any underlying damage before a new roof is installed. Although expensive, this increases the longevity of your roof and is a better long-term investment.

Invest in Quality Products

When it comes to replacing the roof, do not compromise on the quality of products to be used. Contractors will give you different quotes to suit your budget but do remember that replacing a roof is not something you do every year. A roof that’s built top quality products is an investment that will last for decades while also increasing the value of your property.

Premium Roof Restoration Sydney

OzPix Discount Roofing Sydney is a premier roof restoration company servicing Sydney wide. We have years of experience in roof replacement and restoration, from cracked tiles to complete roof overhaul. With over 25 years of experience and an abundance of satisfied clients all over Sydney, we can get your roof looking as new as ever. Give us a call today on 0412 991 527. We know you will not be disappointed.