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Roof Cleaners Sydney

No matter the roofing system you’ve installed, your roof has to handle a lot day in and day out. It has to endure the extreme weather constantly. If not maintained properly, your roof will wear out eventually. It may even shape badly owing to the accumulation of moss, mildew and tree sap.

Have you noticed ugly, dark streaks on your roof lately? Those ugly streaks on the roof don’t just look ugly, they damage your roof over time and also reduce the resale value of your home. Terracotta roof tiles are made of clay and are a moist material.

Lichen, moss and mould can grow on your roof, destruct the tiles and even hinder the water flow off the roof. The older your terracotta tiles, the more brittle they become. If the tiles become too brittle, they could break from even the basic roof cleaning activity.

If your roof is made of shingles, you will notice unsightly black stains on your roof. They are the handiwork of Gloeocapsa Magma, a blue-green alga that spreads by airborne spores. Unless you have the algae removed properly, it will keep multiplying. This can effectively reduce your roof’s life to half by eating away at the granules in the shingles.

Further, take note that this form of algae is rather invisible during the initial stages of growth. It will turn dark only after a while when it’s in a rather advanced stage. So just because you see dark streaks on a portion of your roof doesn’t mean the rest of the roof isn’t affected. On the contrary, it’s perhaps already affected.

We highly recommend having your roof cleaned once every six months. Our roof cleaning technicians in Sydney will professionally clean your roof, paint it if you like and restore it to its former glory. If you are looking for roof repairs, we’ve got you covered.

Benefits of Regular Roof Cleaning

Improve Curb Appeal – Moss, algae, dirt, stains and mildew will accumulate on your roof over time and wreak havoc. Not only your roof but your entire home will look unsightly. When you the roof is cleaned regularly, you can be sure that these damage-causing elements will keep away from your property.

Identify Problems in Your Roof – As our roof cleaners in Sydney go through the cleaning procedure, they may bump on some damages on your roof. The damage could be the result of a variety of factors including the weather. No matter the type of damage, we can provide the right solution including roof replacement.

Increase Your Roof’s Life – As part of our roof maintenance services, we can paint your roof to help prevent the accumulation of dirt, moss and algae to an extent. This will increase your roof’s life.

Professional Roof Cleaning in Sydney

A DIY job can’t just do justice to the amount of work that a roof cleaning job entails. For best results, get in touch with our Sydney roofing service. Let’s take a look at our roof cleaning process.

High Pressure Cleaning – As part of our roof restoration service, we will begin with high pressure cleaning. We will use industrial grade pressure washing equipment to remove dust, dirt, leaves, insects and any other debris that has accumulated over time on your roof. We will start from the top of the roof so that the water flows downwards towards the gutter and removes all the dust on its way. Once the pressure cleaning job is complete, we will allow the roof to dry. Of course, we will clean your guttering system too.

Chemical Cleaning – The next step is to clean the roof again. This time, however, we will use chemical solutions for a thorough clean. The chemicals will help loosen the dirt and the debris that’s stuck on the roof. The high pressure water will extract all the unnecessary elements from the roof. Rest assured, we only use eco-friendly chemicals and biodegradable products for a safe cleaning procedure.

Final Cleaning – We will now begin our final rinsing procedure to get rid of all the chemicals and the residual debris off your roof. All these three stages put together will breathe a fresh lease of life into your roof. Your roof will sparkle and shine and look like new.

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With years of experience in roof cleaning, roof restoration, roof painting, roof maintenance, roof repairs and roof replacement, we can provide a comprehensive solution for your roof. Whether you are looking to have your roof painted or restore your tile roof, we assure you of a great job.

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