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Re Roofing Sydney

Re-roofing is not an option for all roofs. It is applicable to only certain types of roofs such as a metal roof. It also depends on the extent of damage to your current roof.

Oz-Pix Discount Roof Restore offers expert assistance so that you can decide whether or not you need to have your roof replaced. We are a re-roofing company in Sydney with over 25 years’ experience in providing high quality roofing services.

Our re-roofing service in Sydney comes to you at affordable costs and with interest-free payment options. We are so confident of our roof restorations and our team of professional roofers that we offer a 15-year unconditional warranty on all our roofing jobs!

We use materials of the highest quality and advanced treatments so that you get a roof that is extremely strong and durable. For example, our re-roofing service in Sydney uses a 100% waterproof membrane, which keeps the glossiness of your roof intact for a long time.

Roof restoration by expert roofing companies gives best results. Beware of the following claims and promises that companies can make to attract your attention. Stay away from such claims.

They Promise a Super Restoration Job without Examining your Roof

A perfect re-roofing job should involve the following:

  • Replacement of broken tiles
  • Replacement of valley irons and old mortar layering
  • Power washing
  • Roof repainting, application of primer, and sealing

At Oz-Pix, we recommend re-roofing only if your roof is in a reasonably good condition and can handle a restoration well. Roofs with missing shingles or shingles that are damaged by exposure to water cannot be saved by restoration.

Sometimes, damage is not immediately noticeable. It takes a thorough study of shingles and the area beneath them to find out if there is sagging or rotting underneath. In such cases, roof restoration, not re-roofing, is the solution.

It is possible to arrive at the final decision only after a thorough roof study. Ensure that the potential contractor places enough importance on first hand roof examination.

They Promise a Cheap Solution

Re roofing is not as expensive as restoration, but a good job does not come cheap. Contractors that promise a cheap job will certainly complete the job at the said rate, but at the expense of your roof’s durability and your personal safety.

Such contractors cut costs in several ways including:

  • Painting only parts of the roof
  • Using thin-layered low-quality paints
  • Gluing broken tiles together instead of replacing them
  • Painting mortar bed instead of replacing it

In such cases, the roof is only cleaned and no real re-roofing job is done. Such a roof may be excellent to look at, but does not perform well. You’ll only be paying again in future to have your roof restored well or have it replaced entirely.

Finding a reliable roofing contractor takes some work. Go for a roofing company with decades of experience, positive testimonials and a track record of excellent project work.

When it comes to roof repairs, roof tiling and replacement jobs, Oz-Pix leads the way! We are committed to delivering high standards of customer satisfaction. Call OzPix Roof Restoration today at 0412 991 527 for more information.