Leaking Roof Repairs Sydney by OzPix Roof Restoration

Leaking Roof Repairs Sydney

We’ve spent years providing leaking roof repairs in Sydney and we have a fair understanding of the reasons why roofs leak. We discussed those causes below. If your roof is leaking, it is likely to fall in one of these categories.

There are, of course, exceptions. Sometimes, it could be hard to determine the cause for leaking roofs and that’s where we can help. Let’s take a look at some of the common causes of roof leaks.

Broken Roof Tiles

Roof tiles don’t simply break on their own. If there are trees in your property, falling branches could be a cause. When people walk on tiled roofs, the tiles are highly likely to break. Sometimes, your roofer may have broken a tile during inspection and may have left the tile there. Our repair technicians in Sydney carry spare roof tiles and we replace any that might break during a roof inspection.

Blocked Gutters

A blocked box gutter can create chaos. If there’s a flooding inside the house and you’ve got a box gutter, it’s perhaps due to a blocked outlet in the box gutter. You can fix this temporarily by clearing the blockage. However, you need a permanent fix to prevent blockage.

When you let leaf debris settle into your gutter for a long time, it will eventually block your gutter.

Rusty Roof

This roof problem is quite easy to detect. Whether you have a metal roof or a tiled roof, you can easily notice if your roof is rusty. However, it can be a while before you notice the holes that form when a roof starts to rust. You notice the holes only when water starts to drip. In many cases, the rusty spots are hidden. In such cases, our roof repairers in Sydney will inspect your roof to identify the rust spots.


Once a roof is cut to accommodate a skylight, the natural waterproofing ability is compromised. Sometimes, the roof can begin to leak the day you install the skylight. This usually happens when you’ve chosen an inappropriate skylight or when the installation is faulty. As a result, leaf blockage will be a common occurrence resulting in skylight leakage. Moreover, a skylight has a shorter life compared to a roof. So if your skylight is old and rusty, consider replacing it.

Faulty Flashing

It is important to secure the edge of a roof with flashings. However, placing roof flashing in a manner that they look stunning and don’t leak is a job that’s best left to experienced roof restoration specialists. If your newly laid roof starts leaking, it’s likely because the roofer did not install the flashings properly.

We Specialise in Roof Leak Repairs

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