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There is more to a roof than you would expect. The good old roof on your head is not only important for protection and shelter, but it also helps create a positive lower your energy bills and the impact on the environment.

Roofing design, roofing material and the colour of the roof are some factors that affect its performance. Be sure to hire an expert roof installations service in Sydney as roofing specialists here can guide you in selecting the right kind of roof.

With over 25 years of experience in roofing service, Oz-Pix Discount Roof Restore is ideally-placed to give you the best roof installations solutions in Sydney. As leading roof specialists in Sydney, we offer a range of services including roofing restoration, roof repairs, roof painting and gutter cleaning.

Our roof installations in Sydney feature the highest quality materials and latest technologies such as self-cleaning paints and 100% waterproof coating, which impart extreme durability to your roofs while giving you great value for your money.

Here are some factors that our roofing company considers when recommending a metal roof, tile roof or other types of roofs for a building.

Design of the Roof

A roof with a deep slope receives extremely large amounts of direct sunlight. This translates into hotter interiors during summers, which means more use of your air-conditioning systems, and high utility bills.

This does not, however, mean that a low-slope roof is bad. This design may be ideal in some other area, but not for you. We take into account factors such as bad weather and harsh weather conditions in your area to suggest a design that would work best for you.

Roofing Colour

Dark-coloured roofs tend to absorb more heat than those in lighter shades. As a result, more heat flows in through the dark roof and reaches your attic.

However, all’s not all bad with a dark-coloured roof. In colder areas, a dark roof is exactly what you need. In extremely colder regions where snow formations are common, heat absorbed by a darker roof helps to melt the snow before the roof gets damaged by the heavy weight of snow.

So, if you reside in an area that is hot during the major part of the year and winter is milder, it is better to go for a light-coloured roof.

Roof Make

The manufacturing process, transportation, recyclability and durability of a roof help determine the extent of environmental impact of the roof.

For example, a less durable roof is not very eco-friendly as it would have to be replaced sooner, which means a higher carbon footprint.

Roof Material

The heat absorption varies depending on the roof material. For example, a metal roof helps maintain a balanced temperature within your home as it is by nature highly reflective of heat.

Colorbond roofing is another option that helps maintain balanced temperature during summer and winter. This roof packs in a range of other benefits such as excellent durability, little maintenance, impressive strength, lightweight nature, eco-friendliness and waterproofing ability.

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Different types of roofs have different characteristics. Our Sydney roofing contractors can help you choose the right material depending on your area climate, your budget and eco-concerns.

When you choose Oz-Pix Discount Roof Restoration, you are assured of complete peace of mind. We are competitively priced and pride ourselves on our quality workmanship. Our 15-year unconditional warranty is in fact a proof of our confidence in our expertise.

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