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Roof Cleaning Sydney

The roof is perhaps the most important part of a house. A sturdy roof not only protects you and your family from the vagaries of nature but protects the interiors too from damage. That’s why it’s important to clean the roof regularly.

However, the roof is difficult to access and cleaning it can be a bothersome job. Most homeowners keep stalling it until it becomes really necessary. Roof cleaning is hazardous too and you can hurt yourself badly.

So when it comes to cleaning your roof, leave it to our professional roof repairers.

We are a Sydney based roofing service with over 25 years of experience. Our service covers the entire Sydney region from Bathurst to Goulburn to the Northern Beaches. Our extensive services include but not limited to roof cavity cleaning, painting, repairs and roof restoration, clean guttering, roof re-bedding, glazing, metal roofing and so on.

So when you want the best roof cleaning service in Sydney, you know who to call. We can keep your roof in top condition throughout the year.

Roof Cleaning Sydney by OzPix Discount Roof RestoreThe Importance of Roof Maintenance

When you don’t clean your roof, it becomes a breeding ground for moss, algae, fungus and pests. An unclean roof with layers of debris, leaves and dirt blocks the gutters and restricts the flow of rainwater.

When rain water accumulates, it encourages the growth of harmful organisms that proliferate in damp and dirty places. And once they take root, they can cause extensive damage to your roof tiles and shingles.

Dirty roofs are also a perfect breeding ground for pests, and they are a huge headache to handle.

 A Clean Roof Makes Your Home More Energy Efficient

Whether you have a terracotta roof or a metal roof, a clean roof always reflects the sun’s rays away from your home. This keeps your home cooler, which reduces the need to heat up the home thereby lowering your energy bills.

An unclean roof, on the other hand, absorbs sunlight and traps the heat thereby making your interiors hotter and more uncomfortable.

A clean roof, therefore, goes a long way towards lowering your energy bills.

Roof Cleaning Sydney by OzPix Discount Roof RestoreIncreases your Roof’s Longevity

A professional cleaning job will keep your roof in perfectly good condition.

We make use of industrial grade high pressure cleaning equipment to remove every speck of dust and debris. By the time we are done, there won’t be a trace of unwanted growths like algae or fungus. They are known to cause extensive damage to your gutters, shingles, terracotta tiles and the overall structure.

We pride ourselves on doing a thoroughly professional job that prevents further damage and increases the life of your roof. Installing a new roof is expensive. So save money by investing in regular roof cleaning!

Makes Your Home Look Aesthetically Appealing

A clean roof definitely makes your house visually appealing and increases your property’s curb appeal.

Imagine a house where the roof is rotting or the tiles are damaged and the paint is peeling off. Would you like to visit such a house much less staying in one?

Even if the exterior walls are in good condition, a poorly maintained roof can spoil the overall impact. Regular roof cleaning ensures your entire house looks great with a clean and shiny roof above.

Increases the Value of your Property

A roof is an expensive investment. By keeping it clean, you can make the most of your investment for years. And if you ever decide to sell your property, a clean and well-maintained roof will definitely fetch you a good price.

A sturdy roof with the entire infrastructure in perfect condition increases the value of your property. After all, the buyer doesn’t have to make any further investment. He simply has to invest in the house and rest easy.

Hire Our Roofing Cleaning Specialists in Sydney

Whether you want to get your roof painted, cleaned or restored, contact us today for a no-obligation free quote. Our roof specialists are well-trained, fully qualified and come highly recommended. We are fully licensed and insured and make use of high-quality products and equipment.

We offer a 24-month interest-free payment option with no advance required. In fact, we are so confident that we provide a 15-year unconditional warranty on our work.