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Leaf Guard Sydney

As gutter cleaning specialists in Sydney, we have seen many homes where the wrong type of gutter guard was sold to them by pushy salesmen or inexperienced installers. Don’t fall prey to salesmen who have never cleaned gutters and simply sell you a gutter guard that benefits their bank balance but not your home.

At Oz-Pix, we have over 25 years’ experience in cleaning blocked gutters, gutter repairs and gutter guard replacement. We know all about gutter guard protection and can recognise what works and what doesn’t.

We Supply High Quality Leaf Guards in Sydney

We do not have any tie-ups with any one brand. This means that we help you choose a gutter guard that best suits your roof as well as your budget. The market is flooded with several different types of gutter guards. We have assessed virtually every product in the market and have shortlisted the best products.

Here are some types of gutter guards that don’t get the job done effectively.

Self-Adhesive Mesh – This type of leaf guard can’t be lifted to clean the gutter. You will have to reapply it using silicone. What’s more, this type of gutter guard does not retain its shape for long. It’s usually made of fine mesh and is not very practical for the Australian conditions.

Bristle Gutter Guards – Also known has hedgehog gutter guards, these look more like a bottle brush. They are not very effective at preventing blockages. Only a few leaves have to be stuck in the brushes and the gutters will be clogged in no time.

Easy Flow Gutters – These gutters feature a cover at the top that is supposed to keep leaves, debris and pests from entering the guttering system, However, these covers end up blocking rainwater too. Most easy flow gutters end up sending rain over the gutter on to the property, defeating the very purpose of having a gutter.

We will recommend products that are practical and get the job done effectively. What’s more, the type of gutter guard you install must not interfere with the task of regular gutter cleaning.

Even though gutter guards minimise the time consuming task of cleaning the gutters, it doesn’t mean that you can stop cleaning them entirely. So the gutter guard you install must not make life difficult when it comes to cleaning your gutter.

Why Choose Oz-Pix for Installing a Leaf Guard in Sydney

We are roofing and guttering experts with over 25 years of experience. Our team is comprised of roofers, plumbers and guttering specialists who have solid experience in property maintenance in Sydney. All our technicians are well trained and have years of experience installing a wide range of gutter guards in Sydney.

We supply the best quality gutter guards. The gutter guards we supply will protect your property against bush fire hazards, keep leaves and debris as well as birds and possums away from your guttering system.

Our gutter guards boast a 15-year warranty backed by the manufacturer.

We don’t just install gutter guards, we are roof and gutter specialists. We can repair and replace gutters and downpipes if need be.

We take great pride in our customer service. Whether you need an emergency service or have a question, we always here to provide assistance.

Protect Your Roof and Gutters with Oz-Pix

Your guttering system plays a crucial role in safeguarding your property against water damage. By protecting your gutter from leaves, pests and other intrusions, you are effectively protecting your property.

When you choose Oz-Pix Discount Roof Restoration, you are assured of complete peace of mind like hundreds of homeowners across Sydney have experienced. Get in touch with us today for a free quote. Call 0412 991 527 or fill out the form below and we get back to you shortly.