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Restoring an old roof is the process of upgrading and rejuvenating it so as to increase its longevity. Roof restoration can be done on almost all types of roofs but the most common roofs to be restored are made of metal tiles, concrete tiles or pre-painted steel.

The Process of Restoring your Roof

Roof restoration usually includes removing and cleaning all lichen deposits, replacing all damaged roof tiles or sheeting, all repairs, and re-painting and applying a protective colour coating to enhance the life of your roof and to increase its aesthetic appeal.

Why Restore your Roof

Apart from making your old roof sturdier and look sparklingly new, restoring an old roof saves you money and time. Roof replacement is an expensive solution and is quite inconvenient. Roof restoration gives your roof a new look within a few days and is quite hassle-free when done by professionals.

Repainting or restoring the old roof also provides additional protection to the underlying surface and reduces chances of weathering.

Restoration requires more than Re-painting

Often, homeowners just hire contractors to re-paint their roof without inspecting it properly for additional damage. This does not complete the restoration process, especially when the roof has become extremely porous and damaged.

A professional roof restorer would insist on checking for all types of damages such as leaks, rusting, and cracks and so on. In case the roof is very old with considerable weathering, it would be advisable to replace it instead of going for patch-work restoration.

Always Hire Professional Restorers

Undertaking the restoration process on your own can be quite dangerous. Climbing high roofs and moving over brittle tiles requires experience. You not only put your own life to danger but can also damage the roof further. Expert restorers know how to do the job perfectly without any risk to life or property.

OzPix Discount Roof Restoration Sydney

Oz-Pix Discount Roof Restore is a family business of 25 years. We specialise in cleaning, ridge cap re-pointing, cracked and broken tiles, rotten battens, lead flashing, laying “Real Waterproofing Agent” and “Dupont” paint with Teflon.

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